The Texas-New Mexico Power Company, a provider of electrical transmission and distribution services, has continued to assess damage caused by Hurricane Ike and is restoring power to more of its customers in the Gulf Coast region of Texas.

The Texas-New Mexico Power Company (TNMP) estimates that it has restored power to more than 36,000 customers, which is about about 32% of TNMP’s residential and business customer base. Immediately following Hurricane Ike, 100% of the company’s Gulf Coast customer base was without power.

TNMP’s initial focus has been on restoring service to vital services such as water pumping stations and sewer treatment facilities.

Neal Walker, vice president of Texas operations at TNMP, said: In the wake of Hurricane Ike, TNMP employees have been working diligently to assess damage and restore power to customers in our service area. Every available TNMP employee is working to restore power to customers, and with mutual assistance teams arriving in the area today and tomorrow, we anticipate having nearly 700 crew members on the ground with the purpose of restoring power to communities.