Anglo-Russian oil company TNK-BP's exiled CEO, Robert Dudley, has pointed a finger at the labor inspectorate in Moscow, alleging an abuse of power in its investigations into the company, according to the Financial Times.

Mr Dudley, who is reportedly running BP’s Russian joint venture from an undisclosed location in central Europe, made the allegation in a letter to five senior Russian ministers and officials, in a bid to explicate the role of authorities in the TNK-BP row, according to sources close to the company.

TNK-BP’s 50% equity is held by the Russian Alfa-Access-Renova (AAR) consortium, which has been pushing for Mr Dudley’s removal over company strategy and performance. A Moscow court has ruled that Mr Dudley cannot serve as the CEO of TNK-BP over breach of labor regulations, which BP seeks to appeal against, according to the Financial Times.

The news source reported that Mr Dudley wrote to the Russian officials saying that the labor inspectorate staff in Moscow were deliberately focused on imposing administrative liability on him alone. The AAR consortium has reportedly stated that TNK-BP needs to comply with the court ruling.