Tioga Energy has started developing 3.4MW of solar energy systems at facilities owned by a variety of local government agencies in Union County, New Jersey.

Tioga will own and operate 44 solar power projects, and will sell the the electricity generated by the projects to the county, under the 15-year power purchase agreements (PPAs).

To finance the installations, Tioga and the Union County Improvement Authority implemented a financial structure that combines the benefits of low-interest municipal bonds with the sale of solar renewable energy certificates and federal tax incentives to lower the cost of the solar electricity provided to the county under the PPAs.

The 44 solar electric systems will be located at a variety of county-owned sites throughout the region, including three firehouses, four libraries and schools in seven districts.

Tioga’s installation partner, a joint venture between Pro-Tech Energy Solutions and Huen Electric, will engineer and construct the systems.

Construction on the solar projects in Union County will begin over the next several months, with all systems expected to be completed by April of 2012.