ThinkEco expects that the technology, which integrates Con Edison’s intellectual property, expands the capabilities of its flagship patent-pending product, the modlet (short for modern outlet).

The patent-pending modlet, short for modern outlet, is expected to be the first outlet that saves businesses and consumers money by reducing energy waste from plugged-in appliances.

ThinkEco president and CEO Jun Shimada said that being able to use the modlet for window air conditioning units will give consumers superior temperature control during the summer months by empowering them with the ability to monitor and control their units remotely.

"The window AC modlet will make these air-conditioning units demand response ready and help consumers to use electricity more wisely," Shimada said.

ThinkEco expects to introduce the modlet to residential customers in early 2011.

ThinkEco and Con Edison plan a pilot program next summer to test this innovation.