They will be integrated in its boilers and heaters with heat output ranging from 4MW to 30MW. Under the licensing agreement valid for a period of five years, a team from Thermax will work with Lambion to absorb and deploy this technology.

Thermax will have an exclusive license to market heating systems, equipped with the new technology in India and SAARC countries, South East Asia, Middle East and Africa.

Thermax has a range of technologies such as fluidized bed combustion and traveling grate for extracting energy from a wide variety of biomass. The new agreement with Lambion and subsequent technology upgradation will equip the company with advanced systems to provide industry eco-friendly ways of extracting energy from waste, the company said.

In addition, Thermax will also gain the expertise to match European and American competitors in biomass fired energy systems in Indian and select overseas markets.

Lambion said that the for the company, the partnership offers an opportunity to promote its expertise in new markets.

M S Unnikrishnan, managing director and CEO of Thermax, said: “We are happy that this partnership with Lambion and the new technology infusion will reinforce our product offerings in the area of green energy.”