Defence and security firm, Thales UK has won a £5 million ($8 million) contract to supply EDF-Energy Nuclear Generation Limited with a Deployable Communication & Information System (DCIS).

The system will enhance EDF’s mobile emergency response capability and is part of a suite of improvements that will be deployed at UK nuclear power plants in response to Fukushima. EDF Energy operates 15 reactors in the UK.

The DCIS will provide a deployable containerised capability to monitor critical plant systems and relay essential data through a resilient communications network, allowing operators to access, monitor, communicate, analyse, and act upon critical information.

Thales said the system would enable EDF to deliver the regulatory requirement to deploy resilient communications as part of wider ranging capabilities to recover from an extreme natural event in the UK.

Thales will provide five sets of containerised DCIS by 31st March 2014.

EDF Energy operates 15 reactors at eight nuclear power plant sites in the UK: twin AGR units at the Hunterston B, Hinkley Point B, Hartlepool, Heysham 1, Dungeness B and Torness sites, as well as a single pressurized water reactor at Sizewell.

Photo: EDF Energy’s Sizewell B