The newly formed council will support consumers to consider the environmental impact of product packaging before they purchase. Gable top and aseptic cartons are made primarily from paper. Generally, cartons have a smaller carbon footprint than traditional packages.

The objective of the Carton Council is to work with various communities to include cartons to their recyclables collection program. In addition, Carton Council will also act as a resource to provide education on the production and recycling of cartons.

Currently, communities in 26 states in the US are able to recycle cartons which give more than 60 million people access to carton recycling. This is significant, but we are not satisfied. We want to increase the number of communities that recycle cartons, and we want to inform consumers in those communities that they can recycle their cartons and motivate them to do so, said Ed Klein, executive director of the Carton Council.

One of the first alliances from the Carton Council is with Waste Management, Inc. (Waste Management) to increase carton recycling. Waste Management has agreed to include cartons in all their recycling programs.

Tetra Pak is a Switzerland-based manufacturer of aseptic laminated paperboard packaging materials.

Elopak is a Norway-based manufacturer of paperboard and plastic packaging solutions.

Evergreen Packaging is a US-based supplier of beverage packaging systems.

SIG Combibloc is a provider of packaging solutions.