Teshmont Consultants has been selected by Atlantic Grid Development (AGD) to provide engineering services for the Atlantic Wind Connection (AWC) project in US.

The AWC project involves the development of an offshore high voltage direct current (HVDC) undersea cable transmission backbone that will facilitate the connection of up to 6,000MW of offshore wind generation along the eastern seaboard of the US.

The project is being developed by the AGD consisting of principles from DC Interconnect, Dewey & LeBoeuf and Trans-Elect, and is sponsored by Good Energies, Google and Marubeni Corp.

As the Owner’s Engineer, Teshmont will be supporting AGD by performing system integration studies, developing conceptual designs, supporting the environmental and regulatory filings, preparing functional and technical specifications, reviewing the detailed design, monitoring manufacture and installation and participating in system testing and commissioning.

Construction of the first of five project phases is scheduled to begin in 2013.

Teshmont is an engineering consulting company that specializes in ac and dc high voltage power transmission.