Terra-Gen Power, an affiliate of ArcLight Capital Partners and Global Infrastructure Partners has secured $631m loan to finance the development of Alta Wind VI & VIII wind projects located in California, US.

The funds provided by the US Department of Treasury and other credit facilities will be used to reimburse funds previously provided by ArcLight Capital Partners and Global Infrastructure Partners.

The two wind projects of 150MW each are part of the 1,550MW Alta Wind Energy Center (AWEC) which is being developed in phases by the company in Tehachapi, Clifornia.

The wind projects along with Alta Wind I-V projects will bring the total capacity of the AWEC to 1,020MW by the end of this year.

Vestas-American Wind Technology will provide 100 V90-3.0 MW turbines for the facilities which will sell their renewable energy to Southern California Edison under a 1,550 MW power purchase agreement to be managed by Terra-Gen Power.

Blattner Energy is the delivering the wind project which will be complete by the end of the year.