Terasen Gas Inc. (Terasen Gas) is reviewing proposals to generate biogas from algae growth and pine beetle killed wood from two of nine projects in response to a call for expressions of interest in clean, renewable biogas production. The proposed projects range in location from Prince George to Delta, and are in line with Terasen Gas’ aim to encourage the production of biogas for purchase and upgrading to pipeline-quality renewable natural gas for injection into the Terasen Gas system.

The Terasen Gas biogas initiative expands on an existing innovative pilot project underway to capture and purify biogas from West Vancouver’s Lions Gate wastewater treatment plan, which will heat 100 homes.

Other potential projects include recovering biogas from agricultural and municipal biowaste, and several proposals targeting meat, vegetable and food waste.

Last fall, Terasen Gas issued a request for expressions of interest to municipalities, waste management companies, farms and other businesses to bring forward opportunities whereby new facilities could be built, or existing ones upgraded, to allow the production of biogas and its conversion into a clean, renewable energy source. As part of that call, information sessions were held in four regions of the province to gather feedback and responses.

That energy can then be used to heat homes and businesses, and provide a source for water heating, household appliances and transportation.

Successful projects will result in Terasen Gas purchasing the raw biogas by way of a contract with the producer. A detailed review of the submissions is now underway. As this is the first phase of what is an ongoing search for alternate, renewable energy solutions that could potentially heat 45,000 homes in British Columbia, Terasen Gas will continue to explore the interest in British Columbia for developing these and other biogas proposals.

“We are very pleased with the calibre of projects submitted for consideration,” said Doug Stout, Terasen Gas vice president, marketing and business development. “Developing these types of projects will increase the province’s production of clean, renewable energy and help to reduce emissions from waste methane, which is 21 times more powerful in warming the atmosphere than CO2.”

“Through our call for proposals, Terasen Gas is providing environmental benefits for our customers, creating investment opportunities for our shareholder and revenue streams for businesses while supporting the B.C.’s Energy Plan objectives,” said Stout.