Teradyne, Inc. (Teradyne) will introduce the new ETS-88 test system from its Eagle Test Business Unit at SEMICON China, from March 17 to March 19, 2009 in Shanghai. The ETS-88 is designed for high-volume commodity and precision device testing. The new test system can simultaneously run multiple unrelated test applications by using multiple handlers and/or probers. The new family of multisite production test equipment focuses on the analog and mixed-signal devices.

The analog and mixed-signal devices include LDOs, PWMs, Battery Chargers, Hot Swap Controllers, Gate Drivers, Power Switches, OPAMPs, and Audio Amps incorporating Class D, Video Amps, etc. The new system attains high- parallel test efficiency through the use of four independent testers in one small footprint. The new system uses the same pattern-based floating resources and the Eagle Vision software that the customers anticipate from an Eagle platform.

“The ETS-88 is like having four testers in a box,” stated David Anderson, business development manager, Teradyne Eagle Test business unit. “Through our multi-tester architecture, we provide cost-conscious customers a path to increase test coverage and accuracy with unprecedented throughput. The ETS-88 adds a strong player to the Eagle Test line of fully compatible product offerings.”

The new ETS-88 test system also supports true Index Parallel testing. Index Parallel has long been utilized for discrete device testing, but is now made practical for the IC testing via the new architecture of ETS-88. Utilizing Index Parallel techniques, the new ETS-88’s multi-tester architecture enhances the throughput performance of the turret handlers, setting a new benchmark in test cell performance.

The new system utilizes the Eagle Vision Software Suite which provides intuitive automated coding tools, integrated plotting screens and a debug environment. The new ETS-88 also uses the same 133MHz digital vector rate along with pattern-based floating resources from existing line of Eagle testers. Eagle’s floating resources enhance accuracy and test speed, which is necessary for supporting demands of manufacturing environments.

Teradyne, Inc. is a US-based supplier of automatic test equipment.