TenneT, sonnen, Vandebron and IBM have partnered on two projects which intend to develop first blockchain distributed database for managing the electricity grid in the Netherlands and Germany.

The partners said the blockchain concept will explore ways to integrate flexible capacity supplied by electric cars and household batteries into the electrical grid.

Under one project in the Netherlands, renewables supplier Vandebron will work with customers who own electric vehicles to make the capacity of their car batteries available to help TenneT balance the grid.

The second project in Germany is with smart technology provider Sonnen eServices. It will include a network of residential solar batteries helping to reduce limitations on wind energy at times of insufficient grid capacity.

TenneT said once the concept has been proven to work, it will be launched and open for other parties to join.

TenneT TSO CEO Urban Keussen said: “Germany’s retreat from nuclear and fossil-fuel energy means more renewable energies at all levels of the grid, which presents significant challenges. We must be flexible with regards to our management of energy production, namely solar and wind, that is inconsistent and highly contingent on the weather.

“Utilizing blockchain technology offers us new ways to network even locally distributed systems both safely and intelligently across multiple regions with one provider. This helps us to limit the use of network-stabilizing measures, such as the costly regulation of wind farms.”

Blockchain is a shared and immutable digital ledger for recording history of transactions. The technology can enable transactional applications with accountancy and transparency.

In the present case, the Blockchain technology will help in connecting multiple parties and a large number of distributed computed nodes that allow them to joint actions in a scalable, transparent and trusted network.

Image: TenneT partners with IBM’s technology for grid stabilisation. Photo: Courtesy of Suriya Kankliang/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net