According to the US-based pipeline equipment and services provider TDW, using the tool, pressure can be isolated in an active pipeline and production can be maintained, besides carrying out maintenance.

TDW Offshore Services SmartPlug operations director Larry Ryan said the five-year agreement extends the agreement between the companies.

"We are extremely pleased with this development," Ryan added.

Using SmartPlug tools, new or repaired valve can be service pressure-tested and seat leakage tested in-situ from both sides with the help of nitrogen prior to releasing the isolation and admitting gas.

CSL isolated the main sea-line that connects the offshore 47/3B platform recently with its Easington Gas Terminal using a TDW SmartPlug system, which is installed in the riser at the platform end.

This allowed change-out of the platform Emergency Shutdown Valve without the requirement to vent down the 30km long pipeline, reducing the greenhouse gas emissions associated with natural gas venting.