Norway-based pipeline equipment and services company, TDW Offshore Services, has announced to make its SmartTrack remote monitoring system available to operators across the global market.

Until now, the company exclusively used the proprietary technology to perform pipeline pressure isolation operations along with its SmartPlug isolation system.

TDW Offshore Services Global Market Development director Enzo Dellesite said the SmartTrack system forms an essential part of the company’s pressure isolation service capability.

"It helps us to isolate pipelines successfully, whether the job is to facilitate pipeline repairs or clean a line choked with debris," Dellesite added.

"Given its versatility and success in the field, we made the decision to make the SmartTrack system readily accessible to operators and service companies that want to avail themselves of the wide-ranging benefits it offers."

TDW developed the SmartTrack system based on the difficulties operators faced when moving into remote territories to explore oil and gas sources and faced difficulties during the installation and maintenance of pipeline networks.

The SmartTrack system is a remote-controlled technology that inspects pipelines and isolates pressure during repair operations. It also has the ability to control, track, and monitor pressure isolation tools.

TDW developed the remote monitoring system based on electromagnetic technology using extremely low frequency to create a two-way, through-wall communication between transponders and transreceivers, thereby allowing operators to remotely track and monitor pipeline pig or other inline devices and improve operations.