TCP, a manufacturer of compact fluorescent lamp (CFL), has unveiled a new dimmable CFL product line incorporating a patent-pending CFL ballast design that features proprietary NXP GreenChip power management IC chip technology.

According to the company, this new design approach, called TruDim Technology, results in a CFL with smoother full range dimming performance from 100% down to 1%. The dimming curve is designed to more accurately match the human eye’s reaction.

TCP claims that its new TruDim CFL outperforms other CFLs on the market by providing quicker start-up, achieving full brightness more than 75% faster than other comparable products.

TCP said that its advanced digital InstaBright technology boosts the CFLs’ power briefly to increase initial lumen output and then adjusts to normal output levels after 30-45 seconds. TruDim Technology will enable low-dimming level starting capability, which reduces the need to reset the dimmer to full-on every time the lights are turned on.

The company further claims that its IC-chip ballast control maintains superior low dim level lamp lumen output stability, significantly improving overall lamp life. These new dimming CFLs are rated to 10,000 hours under normal use.

The company said that the CFL product line includes new quadphosphor technology that uses the lamp phosphor formulation, which provides a better light output, and helps reduce stress to the eyes. QuadPhosphor lamps increase the color rendering characteristics of the lamp in the red spectrum (CIE-R9) with no reduction in lumen maintenance.

Ellis Yan, CEO of TCP, said: “In the past, customers have had to put up with dimming CFLs that don’t dim to the same low levels as older incandescent bulbs. Plus, other CFLs have been slow to warm up, and sometimes don’t last as long as non-dimming CFLs. Finally, customers have the choice of a full-function CFL that truly matches the performance of an incandescent lamp.”