Because of its new relationship with the All Sports Surfaces Company, Target Technologies is now able to provide the new synthetic turf infill material all through North America.

The new Envirofill is developed after years of research and comparative testing. Offering a water-based coating applied over its silicon dioxide base material, the new Envirofill’s sealer entirely incorporates the granules, and maintains moderate temperatures under various weather conditions, incorporating up to 20% on-field heat measurement reduction. The new Envirofill is non-toxic and dust free. There are no harmful chemicals that can leach into environment and it is non-flammable.

John Giraud, managing director of Target Technologies, said: Everyone talks the talk about possible environmental issues with synthetic turf infill; Target Technologies believes in truly offering environmentally friendly choices to our clients. Envirofill(R) not only offers the sustainability aspect, but also the high-performance characteristics needed for certain drought-prone areas of the country. When you combine these facts with the dust-free and strong G-max ratings of Envirofill(R), we really have a superior, high-quality turf infill – making it a strong contender in our product group.

The new Envirofill is available in two standard colors and three mesh sizes. The new product is a long lasting and eco-friendly alternative, for artificial turf infilling. As a premium choice that’s perfect for sports fields or the residential landscaping, the new Envirofill has been subjected to thorough testing procedures and will stand the test of time as a performance infill. Through its Logistics Division, the company can manage the delivery of truck-load quantities of the new Envirofill direct to project sites all through North America.