Table 1: The Akosombo Dam

Maximum height from bedrock 114m
Height at axis from bedrock 111m
Height above tail water level 73.2m
Length of main dam at crest 660m
Length of saddle dam 355m
Width of dam at bed of river 366m
Volume of material in main dam 7,943,520m³
Area of lake 8,502 km2
Capacity of lake 148,000 x 106 m³
Shoreline 7,250km
Length of lake 400km
Height of saddle dam 37m
Maximum operating level 84.73m
Minimum operating level 73.15m
Maximum water level ever recorded 84.25m on 2nd Nov. 1974
Minimum water level ever recorded 71.86m on 12th June 1984
Maximum annual inflow ever recorded 3,000m³/s in 1963
Lowest annual inflow ever recorded 288m³/s in 1983