Swedish energy company Vattenfall is planning to sell renewable power to business consumers in the UK for the first time.

The drive for business-to-business customers (B2B) will start in early May. Vattenfall’s green power product will help business customers with high demand reduce their carbon footprint.

Anna Borg, Vattenfall’s new Head of Business Area Markets, said: “Vattenfall is offering a new green power product to large UK electricity users. This is the first time that Vattenfall is making a B2B retail offering in the UK. We are able to do this because of our investment in British wind capacity since 2008. Our renewable electricity product will help our future business customers achieve their sustainability goals.”

Vattenfall started to significantly invest in the UK energy industry in 2008 after buying three wind businesses. From a 90MW start in 2008, Vattenfall has invested nearly £3bn in the UK and will, from 2018, operate over 1GW of installed wind capacity, meeting the equivalent annual demand of over 650,000 UK households.