By teaming with GroSolar, Sunward now offers homeowners a professional installation option in New England and mid-Atlantic states, and parts of California.

Designed to work in any climate, the Sunward Solar Hot Water System captures the sun’s heat through roof or ground-mounted solar collectors. This heat is then transferred and stored in a solar storage tank that is connected to the existing home hot water supply, the company said.

The Sunward system does not replace the existing home hot water heating system. Instead, it is designed to work in conjunction with any type of existing hot water system.

Joe Perrotto, president of Sunward, said: “In order for renewable energy to emerge as a mainstream alternative for homeowners, the equipment needs to be easy to install, reliable, make financial sense and be backed by manufacturers and contractors who stand behind their products.

”Through our relationship with groSolar, homeowners can effortlessly and affordably convert to solar-powered hot water in as little as a single day and have two companies with a reputation for providing extraordinary customer support standing behind them.”