Integrator Asaco designed custom systems using Suntech solar modules for each of the 19 schools, with power outputs ranging from 1.2kW to 1.8kW.

Nader Jandaghi, Suntech’s director of middle east, said: “Suntech is proud to support this initiative. CEDRO’s adoption of solar power for these schools will brighten the lives and enhance the learning of children who will define Lebanon’s future. Together, we want to power a world where everyone has direct and dependable access to nature’s most abundant energy resource.”

Ramzi AbuSaid, CEO of Asaco, said: “This is the largest set of solar projects in Lebanon to date – not only in terms of power output but also because of the large number of sites spread across the country.

“We had to integrate several power sources at each site, including grid power, the solar systems, and even diesel generators in some cases, and leverage each of their attributes to ensure that the schools have dependable power at all times. Each power system is very efficient and takes maximum advantage of the clean electricity generated through Suntech’s high-performing solar modules.”