Solar PV module manufacturer SunLink has been selected by Blattner Energy as project supplier to supply 500MW of PV modules for its solar projects in the US states of Florida and Minnesota.

SunLink will supply Blattner with engineering services and its industry-leading fixed-tilt mounting solution GeoPro which boasts the capability to handle any terrain and stand up the conditions in any environment.

“Solar is an integral part of the clean energy strategy for leading utilities across the US and we’re proud to collaborate once again with Blattner,” said Jonathan Eastwood, vice president of business development at SunLink. “SunLink’s vast experience working on large and complex solar projects in the most extreme environments makes us uniquely qualified to meet the demands of these installations – whether it be engineering to withstand Florida’s high winds or Minnesota’s heavy snow loads. Our product and project engineering serve as a reliable foundation for success.”

While Florida has historically lagged behind many other states in terms of cumulative solar capacity installed, recent political victories in the state by solar energy advocates, new solar plant installations and financial incentives and a 26% increase in solar jobs over the previous year are positive signs of future growth.

The state of Minnesota is also on track for a power surge as solar energy becomes increasingly adopted driven by the high growth in commercial, community solar and utility-scale projects.

“Continuing to build upon using the sun as a renewable resource to bring more jobs and economic stimulus to communities in Florida and Minnesota, Blattner is gearing up for these projects and it’s great to team up with SunLink again,” said Jamey Widman, purchasing agent at Blattner. “We look forward to continuing on past successes.”