The projects are located in Brazil, Chile, China, India, Peru, South Africa and Uruguay. The company has also secured 1918MW of third party right of first offer (ROFO) projects.

SunEdison’s acquisition in Brazil includes 336MW of operating wind and hydro assets from Renova Energia.

The deal also provides SunEdison with a ROFO for 1870MW of renewable energy projects, of which 534MW are operating and the rest are contracted backlog projects, as well as a ROFO for future pipeline projects developed by Renova.

SunEdison has also signed a letter of intent to acquire a 16% stake in Renova.

In China, the company will buy two wind development and operations and maintenance firms from Honiton Energy, covering 150MW of projects.

SunEdison will acquire three wind farms of 50MW each in Inner Mongolia. They are contracted under the Chinese government long-term fixed feed-in tariff program.

The company’s acquisition in India includes 102MW of operating wind capacity from Spain-based Fersa EnergĂ­as Renovables.

SunEdison will buy an operating portfolio featuring the Hanumanhatti, Gadag and Bhakrani wind farms in the states of Karnataka and Rajhastan.

An agreement with Latin American Power covers the acquisition of six operating hydropower plants in Peru.

SunEdison will also acquire a 51% stake from an affiliate of Chint Solar in a 23.1MW solar project in India.

In South Africa, the company will buy a 70% stake in a 34MW wind and solar portfolio. SunEdison’s acquisition in Uruguay includes a 100% stake in Alto Cielo, a special purpose vehicle holding a 26MW solar power project.

SunEdison CEO Ahmad Chatila said: "As we described in our Capital Markets Day in February, SunEdison intends to act quickly to address the opportunity in emerging markets, where the majority of future global electric power infrastructure investments will be deployed.

"In aggregate, these seven transactions bolster our emerging markets platform."

SunEdison has also secured $175m of equity investments from Blackstone, Everstream and Altai, and a $362m non-recourse debt facility for emerging markets initiatives.

Image: SunEdison will acquire seven renewable energy portfolios that have a combined 757MW of wind, solar and hydropower projects. Photo: courtesy of adamr/