The results are in line with pre-drilling expectations and the well is now being prepared for production testing to confirm commerciality.

The company plans next to run casing, install facilities, negotiate gas sales contract and test the well to sales. It estimates this work to take in the range of four to six weeks.

The Gardner Duncan 1 well is located on the Louise prospect. Reserves will be determined from production performance of the Gardner Duncan 1 well and future development wells. Strike has a 30% interest in the prospect which is located in Wharton county, Texas, 9km northwest of the company’s existing Rayburn Project.

Strike’s share of the prospect has the potential to double the company’s current reserve position.

Preparations are underway to start drilling the next exploration well in the Gulf Coast. This target is a 100bcf scale prospect in the Wilcox Formation. Success with this well could treble its reserve inventory, the company said.

Simon Ashton, managing director of Strike Energy, said: “These results are extremely encouraging and add to the outstanding success we are experiencing in the onshore Gulf Coast. We now look forward to the next exploration well which is on a 100bcf prospect due to spud later this quarter.”