GE Energy Storage is to participate in a load-shifting project at Discovery Science Center, a non-profit education organisation in Santa Ana, California. The 500 kWh battery based storage system, coupled with a Princeton Power Systems (PPS) inverter control system, is engineered to shift 10-20 % of the science centre’s daily electrical load from peak hours to less expensive off-peak time periods. The system will also provide backup power in the event of power outages.
Discovery Science Center expects to see an immediate reduction in its electrical bill. "As a dynamic science center, we are eager to demonstrate technologies that can reduce our energy cost while adding to the reliability of the electric grid," said Kellee Preston, vice president of operations at the centre. "We’ll be able to use the system to increase outreach on energy issues and better explain the benefits that storage can bring to the electric grid system."
The project is part of California’s "Permanent Load Shift" programme, a statewide effort to reduce peak demand on the California electrical grid. Southern California Edison will manage the project for the science centre. The winning GE Energy Storage and PPS proposal focused on the cost-effectiveness of pairing a Durathon Energy Storage System with PPS’s advanced inverter and control system.
"Unlike traditional, thermal-based energy storage technologies, battery-based energy storage systems can be used by a much wider range of customers," says Prescott Logan, general manager, GE Energy Storage. "This type of project will demonstrate that battery-based load-shifting technology can enable customers to meet demand responses, as well as permanently shift a significant percentage of daily electrical loads to non-critical hours."
Logan added, "We believe there is a huge potential for solutions like the one we’ve been developing with PPS across North America and worldwide."
Discovery Science Center and Southern California Edison will monitor the performance of the system and use it to assess how remote storage system deployment can improve the performance of distribution networks.