Transmission solutions provider Sterlite Technologies has installed and commissioned a turnkey project for transmission and distribution utility Tata Power in Mumbai, India.

Sterlite Technologies was responsible for designing, supplying and installing high capacity, high strength carbon composite core conductors on an existing arterial 22kV line.

The installation resulted in an increase in the power transmission capacity of the existing IIT Powai to Saki transmission line.

Tata Power has replaced the old aluminium conductor steel-reinforced conductors with Sterlite Technologies’ carbon composite core conductors of trapezoidal annealed wires technology.

Tata Power assistant engineer projects M V Deodhar said, "The lines on which ACCC conductors have been installed are very old lines traversing through populated areas."

Deodhar said the idea was to go for lightweight conductor so the existing structures can be retained and the line capacity is augmented.

"Further, light weight conductor was mandatory in order to improve ground profile as well as maintain existing clearances. These three factors were considered while selecting the conductor," Deodhar added.

Deodhar said until now the conductor has been loaded up to 480 Amperes and so far its performance has been satisfactory.

Sterlite Technologies Telecom & Power Conductors COO K S Rao said, "The proposed Carbon Composite Core Conductor solution offers conductivity and resistance to thermal sag, thereby allowing it to carry very high levels of current at higher operating temperatures during peak demand or emergency conditions."