The proposed changes are part of the Statoil Technical Efficiency Program (STEP) and organizational efficiency program.

As part of the plan, Statoil will integrate central and North Norway operations into a new business unit, Operations North. This will help the company save costs in its Norwegian Sea and the Barents Sea operations.

The company’s technology, projects and drilling (TPD) technical excellence and TPD research, development and innovation wings will be merged into a new TDP Research and Technology unit (TPD R&T).

The current project organization is also planned to be merged with field development in development and production Norway (DPN), development and production international (DPI) and marketing, midstream & processing (MMP). It will be renamed as Project Development (PRD).

Statoil president and CEO Eldar Sætre said: "Our aim is to become a more cost efficient and fit for the future organization.

"These changes will support this ambition by reducing organizational complexity, clarifying roles, utilizing people resources more efficiently and strengthening line accountability."

The company’s chief operating officer will have additional responsibilities, including safety and security, analysis of operational efficiency, operational improvement projects, management system and operational efficiency.

Statoil COO Anders Opedal said: "This is about changing our work processes, strengthening the commercial intensity of our culture, and fully implementing STEP."