Norway-based oil and gas company Statoil, along with its partners Eni and Petoro, has commenced production from the Skuld field at Norne in the Norwegian Sea.

Statoil said that Skuld is the largest of the development fields in the fast-track portfolio, which consists of two discoveries – Fossekall and Dompap.

The field is estimated to contain recoverable reserves of about 90 million barrels oil equivalents, of which nearly 90% is oil and the remaining is gas.

Skuld field has been connected to the production vessel Norne, which is also producing for the Norne, Urd, Alve and Marulk fields.

Norne field vice president Anita Andersen Stenhaug said the size of Skuld makes it prominent in the fast-track portfolio.

"It could easily have been developed as a stand-alone field. We chose this solution as we saw the opportunity to use the technology and expertise intended for rapid developments, and because we could connect to the existing infrastructure on Norne," Stenhaug added.

"Skuld will have a very positive impact on Norne’s lifetime, which was estimated to 2021 without this addition. We are envisioning production until 2030 at least, and there are opportunities for new activities involving exploration and further development in the Norne area."