Norway-based multinational oil and gas company Statoil has set up a new security and emergency preparedness unit to tackle the safety and security issues.

The new unit has been set up post a terrorist attack on the Amenas gas plant in Algeria in January 2013.

The facility was attacked by gunmen and took the workers as hostage, leading to death of 48 workers.

As a result of the attack, Statoil’s Development and Production International (DPI) has broadened its security area and has doubled the security staff since 2012. The company has also appointed security staff for its other business areas.

The new security unit will be headed by Helga Nes from 1 July 2013, according to company statement.

Statoil security and emergency preparedness unit head Helga Nes said, "Improving security is about leadership, responsibility and accountability, awareness and understanding, but we are also implementing practical matters such as security courses for high risk destinations."

The company is also preparing the In Amenas investigation report, which will be presented to Statoil’s board of directors in the middle of September and will eventually be made public.

The investigation report is expected to provide valuable insight and recommendations to improve the company’s leadership, competence and capacity within security.