Scottish and Southern Energy plc (SSE) announced its plans for a proposed multi-fuel combined heat and power (CHP) facility at its Ferrybridge Power Station in Yorkshire. The proposed multi-fuel CHP facility will use a range of fuel sources, potentially including biomass, waste-derived fuels and waste wood, to generate around 90MW of electricity and to provide heat to other industrial processes at the Ferrybridge site.

Over the next few weeks, SSE will be asking local residents, community organisations, elected representatives and government agencies what they think about the proposal in a wide-ranging consultation.

Ferrybridge station manager, Mick Gee, said: “As the region has recently heard, there will be no decision on the main use of Ferrybridge before 2010 at the earliest. However, SSE is always reviewing the potential of its generation facilities and believes a multi-fuel CHP plant will be an innovative addition to our generating portfolio. It will also contribute to the region’s vision for more sustainable development, the government’s policy to increase security of supply and will provide employment opportunities both in construction and operation.”

Dafydd Wynn, liaison manager at Ferrybridge power station, is encouraging residents to view the public exhibition on the proposal, saying: “We are at an early stage in bringing forward this proposal and would like to give local residents more information and to hear their views.”