Spectrum has commenced broadband reprocessing of its Zeus and Zeebries 3D datasets as part of an extensive (21,300km2) new Broadband 3D seismic project that is set to facilitate exploration offshore North West Australia.

The Olympus Project will provide a regional viewpoint along one of the most prolific trends on the NW Shelf. The surveys will be processed through high-end broadband PSTM and PSDM sequences bringing modern imaging uplift to this complex geological region of the North Carnarvon Basin.

In association with Searcher Seismic, Spectrum are applying this technique to an additional 20 open file datasets which adjoin Spectrum's Zeus and Zeebries surveys. The full suite of datasets, known as the 'Olympus Project' will be processed from field tapes by DownUnder GeoSolutions (DUG) and merged to form one conformable regional 3D volume.

The project has received strong industry interest and funding. Full final PSTM products are expected to be available Q2 2017 and PSDM Q3 2017.