Red Electrica de Espana SA (REE) said that Spain had reached 10,923 megawatt (MW) of output from wind energy on January 22, 2009, beating a previous high of 10,880 MW set on April 18, 2008. The Spanish government is giving thrust to renewable energy to reduce greenhouse emissions, which are far above permitted levels as per the Kyoto protocol and also reduce dependence on imported fuel. Spain is targeting 20,000 MW of installed wind energy capacity by 2010.

Nuclear power plants in Spain, have an installed capacity of 7,800 MW and produce a constant 7,300 MW under normal conditions.

The Spanish government has said that it will not commission any new nuclear plants, but has said it may extend the current reactors working lives depending on the conclusions of safety and feasibility reports being prepared by the Council for Nuclear Safety.

Wind power groups in Spain say that the power generation from wind could rise to 40,000 MW by 2020.