Southern California Edison (SCE), an electric utility, has started operation of a solar power plant in Rialto, California, which is providing clean energy to Inland Empire customers.

SCE constructed the power plant on top of a 436,000sq ft facility in Rialto and an affiliate of AMB Property Corporation owns the plant.

Power from the 16,300 advanced solar panels installed on the Rialto warehouse is connected directly to the utility’s nearest neighborhood circuit and benefits all customers.

SCE chairman and CEO Alan Fohrer said that this project is part of SCE’s ongoing capital investment in clean generation and smart grid technologies to meet its customers’ future energy needs.

The utility completed similar installations in Fontana and Chino during the past two years, and the three solar plants have a combined peak generating capacity of four million watts of electricity.

Ten additional solar plants will be constructed in the Ontario area and are expected online by the end of the year, SCE said.