US-based Solectria Renewables has been selected by Green States Energy, to power a 2.5MW ground-mount PV system in Roswell, New Mexico.

This PV system will be powered by Solectria’s PVI 95KW line of central inverters.

Green States Energy CEO Stephen Clevett said that this installation, which was expected to be one of the largest in New Mexico, would provide power to the surrounding communities.

Xcel Energy will purchase the electricity generated from the solar PV project.

Solectria Renewables president Phil Vyhanek said, "New Mexico is a hotspot for solar production and Green States Energy is one of the largest independent power producers in the state."

"We are pleased to be selected as the inverter manufacturer for this project. IPP’s such as Green States Energy realize that our inverters provide them with the greatest ROI for solar installations due to their reliability, efficiency and bankability," added Vyhanek .

The PV system, when combined with its sister project that was installed in 2010, is expected to provide about 9 million KWh of electricity to the community, enough to power about 780 homes annually.