Solarstrom is planning to build a free-standing plant comprised of polycrystalline modules at a former military site spanning around 30 hectares in Stribro, around 30 kilometers west of Plzen.

Power to be generated from the plant per year is enough for more than 3,100 four-person households.

Under the conditions of the Czech Republic’s attractive feed-in tariff, photovoltaic plants capable of more than 30 kWp in output receive CZK12.79 (just under EUR0.48) for each kilowatt-hour of fed-in electricity. This rate is guaranteed for 20 years. Construction of the plant is to begin in July 2009 and will already be completed by fall 2009.

“The local partners we’re working with in the Czech Republic have become familiar with the necessary administrative steps and approval procedures in the country over a number of years. In this project, for example, we are collaborating with our partner Solarpower GmbH,” says Karl Kuhlmann, chief executive officer of Solarstrom. “This enables us to ensure a high level of planning security.”

With 13 MWp, Stribro constitutes the single largest project in the history of the photovoltaic specialists from Freiburg. “Thanks to our optimized procurement and logistics processes, we can now also implement considerably larger projects,” Kuhlmann continues. “Along with Germany and Italy, the Czech Republic is one of our core target markets for 2009. This is why we’re pleased to be carrying out this project in Stríbro – our first in the country.”