SolarEdge, a leading provider of power optimizers and PV inverters, is now offering a Smart Energy Management solution that includes the Feed-in Limitation feature, which limits export power to the grid. With continually rising electricity prices on one hand and increasing limitations on power export to the grid on the other, the Feed-in Limitation feature allows system owners to install larger PV systems, thus minimizing consumption of power from the grid.

Integrated into the SolarEdge inverter firmware, the Feed-in Limitation feature dynamically adjusts PV power production, ensuring that power export to the grid does not exceed the pre-set limit, even during rapid changes in load consumption and PV production. With the Feed-in Limitation feature, there is no need to install any control hardware besides an energy meter. Systems, such as those installed under Ergon Energy’s proposed changes to solar connections, have a faster approval process with power export limits.

"As a leader in PV innovation, SolarEdge is able to quickly address the needs of the PV market," stated Lior Handelsman, VP Marketing & Product Strategy SolarEdge. "With the new export regulations in Australia, SolarEdge’s Smart Energy Management solution will allow system owners to install larger PV systems, better control their energy production and usage, all while receiving a faster return on investment."

Installed SolarEdge inverters can be firmware upgraded with Feed-in Limitation.