Matheson, an industrial gas company, has entered into a strategic and marketing alliance with SolarBrook Water and Power, a developer of water treatment technologies, for serving the water treatment market.

The alliance will enable Matheson to leverage SolarBrook’s patented technology and experience in sludge and odor treatment process for wastewater and municipal water to expand its product and services offering to the water treatment industry.

In addition, the access to Matheson’s nationwide reach and knowledge in oxygen and ozone supply and on-site generation will serve as a catalyst to help SolarBrook develop new water treatment technologies to provide increased value for its current and future shareholders.

Matheson executive vice president and chief marketing officer Rick Kowey said that this collaboration should prove to be a winning combination for both the companies and their customers.

“This collaboration combines the extensive technical and commercial capabilities of both companies to provide state of art, reliable and cost-effective technology to an important Matheson customer segment,” Kowey said.