The solar electric systems together with a combined power output of 38kW of electricity output is used to power lights, microscopes, centrifuges, autoclaves, vaccine refrigerators and other lifesaving equipment.

SELF executive director Bob Freling said a doctor cannot be expected to perform lifesaving surgeries at night without lights or power for medical equipment.

"Now, through the provision of reliable solar power, doctors can treat patients at night, diagnose patients any time, and provide vaccines to patients in need – all while saving money by decreasing or eliminating the need for diesel fuel," Freling added.

"In a country continuing to rebuild, it is our responsibility to not only invest in and implement effective energy technologies, but we must also invest in its people."

The project was completed through collaboration with the Inter-American Development Bank and the Government of Haiti.

The Solar Electric Light Fund is a nonprofit company with a mission to implement solar energy solutions to assist those living in energy poverty with economic, education, health and agricultural development.