CALAGARY, ALBERTA BASED Canadian Hydro Developers Ltd (CHD) are investigating the possibility of constructing five small hydro plants on streams near the Blue river in British Columbia. The proposal would see run-of-the river projects on Clemina, Gum, Bone, Hellroar and Finn creeks.

The power plant on Bone Creek would be the largest of the five proposed projects, generating 20MW. The plants at Finn and Clemina Creeks would be 10MW each, while Gum Creek would generate 6.5MW and Hellroar would generate 4MW. The five projects, estimated to cost about US$78M, would collectively produce enough power for about 17,000 homes.
CHD, an Independent Power Producer, expects to sell the power to BC Hydro. If given the go ahead, CHD will spend the next year getting the regulatory approvals and finalising its plans, with construction starting in 2006.