Site Controls, a provider of enterprise energy management and facilities intelligence systems, has introduced AnyConnect, a system to extend the functional life and enhance the return on investment of legacy Energy Management Systems (EMS).

The company said that AnyConnect allows chain operators, facing discontinued support or functional obsolescence, to preserve existing investments in EMS, while generating immediate energy savings through advanced dashboards, Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) and analytics.

AnyConnect provides enterprise visibility through the integration of legacy EMS equipment to the Site-Command Data Center and is interoperable with all building automation systems and all enterprise computing standards.

Site Controls links its visibility-and-intelligence platform over public and private networks to virtually any device, sensor or controller, allowing building owner/operators to monitor and control energy consumption and operational metrics from lighting, HVAC, signage, rooftop solar, on-site wind turbines, refrigeration and other devices throughout the Site Controls’ network of locations.

It enables chain operators to generate revenue through participation in utility-sponsored peak-load management programs, such as demand response or time-of-use pricing.

AnyConnect featuring SmartADR Automated Demand Response technology ensures low consequence load shed by taking into account site conditions, equipment performance and pre-defined business rules.

Site-Command is offered as a cloud-based service, avoiding IT deployment, administrative and maintenance costs required with proprietary on-premise software packages.

Dan Kubala, vice president of marketing at Site Controls, said: ”Over the past year, we’ve worked with numerous chain stores to gain insight into an increasingly critical challenge – how to maximize the value of their existing installed base of EMS and manage those units most efficiently.”