The application, dubbed Energy Engage Mobile, enables consumers to take control of their electricity, water, and gas consumption in near real-time and view their estimated bill.

The company said the mobile-enabled site displays account alerts and tips as well as price information, enabling users to see the existing cost of electricity per unit and transfer usage to off-peak times to avoid higher energy rates.

Lisa Caswell, president of eMeter, a Siemens Business, said it is essential in today’s world to put energy usage information directly into the hands of utility customers.

"Utilities can provide Energy Engage Mobile to their customer’s whether they be Commercial and Industrial clients or residential, to help meet energy efficiency and customer satisfaction goals, and complement engagement initiatives around smart grid programs," Caswell added.

The City of Fort Collins, Colorado is currently offering Energy Engage Mobile application to its utility customers.

The application is being used in the city’s advanced metering project, enabling customers access to see interval reads for water use and electric usage.

Image: Energy Engage Mobile allows utilities to maximize customer engagement and increase operational efficiency. Photo: Courtesy of Business Wire.