Siemens will also provide 3AV1 outdoor circuit breaker with vacuum-interruption technology and a combined voltage and current converter, that includes 110-kV high-voltage grid with clean-air insulation, retrofitting and control systems.

The switchgear doesn’t require SF6 insulating gas and the new equipment will be operational by mid 2018.

Netze BW, a member of the EnBW Group, operates power distribution grid in Germany and adjacent states.

The upgrades provided by Siemens to the circuit breakers and switchgear include vacuum interruption and clean air technology in the high voltage range.

The new equipment has an insulating, switching, and extinguishing gas,  sulfur hexafluoride (SF6).

The vacuum interrupter generates purified air, that has 80% of nitrogen and 20% of oxygen, that is used to insulate conductors carrying current.

Siemens has over 4 decades of experience in using circuit breakers up to 72.5 kV.

The firm will extend its application of vacuum interruption technology for a voltage of 145 kV, short circuit breaking current of 40kA, current of 3150 A and operating temperatures between -55° Celsius and +55° Celsius.

The advantages of the machine include easy handling during shipping, installation, operation, maintenance and recycling.