Siemens Energy and the US-based company Zolo Technologies have expanded their previous collaboration to a worldwide licence agreement for fossil-fuelled boiler applications. Under the terms of the agreement, Siemens and Zolo will more closely integrate their combustion optimisation products and actively extend their market activities beyond Europe into the USA, China and other fossil markets in Asia.

Zolo Technologies is based in Boulder, Colorado, and has developed ZoloBOSS, a laser-based combustion monitoring system that Siemens has integrated into its SPPA-P3000 process optimisation system for fossil-fuelled steam generating power plants.

ZoloBOSS uses laser technology to simultaneously measure multiple combustion constituents directly in the combustion zone of a boiler.

The full integration of the ZoloBOSS monitoring system and SPPA-P3000 provides fossil-fueled power plants with information and furnace control "previously unattainable", claim Zolo and Siemens. The technology, which is only available through Siemens, uses real-time, in-furnace combustion information to automatically balance and optimise combustion, taking account of variability in fuel quality and load. As a result, it can significantly improve combustion efficiency, reduce NOx and improve availability, as demonstrated at coal-fired power plants in Europe, USA and China.