"SIBUR is actively investing in Russia’s petrochemical industry development, and Yokogawa is our major partner for creating automated control systems. Our partnership helped SIBUR make solid progress in enhancing production efficiency," Dmitry Konov, SIBUR’s CEO, said.

"I would like to thank SIBUR for their cooperation and constant support. Long-term relationships with customers are invaluable to us, and Yokogawa is planning to further develop the partnership with SIBUR," said Yokogawa’s President Takashi Nishijima at the agreement signing ceremony.

Yokogawa has been SIBUR’s strategic partner since 2006, providing the Company’s production sites with state-of-the-art equipment for production automation and control, as well as test and measurement systems. Engineers from Yokogawa implemented production automation and control systems at SIBUR’s existing facilities and at those newly launched, including Tobolsk-Polymer and RusVinyl. Several technical support offices providing training and advisory services of Yokogawa’s Response Centre in Zelenograd were opened at SIBUR’s major production sites.

Under the renewed agreement, Yokogawa will expand the range of equipment supplied to SIBUR.