A short course, ‘Advanced technology gas turbines and planned optimisation of combined cycle plants’, is to be held on 22-24 November 2011 in London.

Accredited by the Institution of Diesel and Gas Turbine Engineers (IDGTE), it will enable attendees to learn how to: solve operation and maintenance issues; maximise efficiency of HRSG systems, feed water heaters, and condensers; maintain gas turbines and combined cycle technologies to minimise their operating cost and maximise their efficiency, reliability, and longevity; monitor and reduce emissions; avoid turbine failure; predict and compute design and off-design performance; and increase knowledge of predictive and preventive maintenance, reliability, and testing.

The course instructor is Dr Meherwan P. Boyce, PhD, PE, Chartered Eng (UK), a sought after speaker and consultant who specialises in the art of blending academia with real-world application.

Interested parties can register online at www.boyceconsultancy.com or call +1 713 807 0888 today.

The Boyce Consultancy Group, LLC, 2121 Kirby Drive 28N, Houston, TX 77019, USA