Spartan Environmental Technologies (SET), a supplier of ozone and advanced oxidation systems to industry and government for water treatment applications, has introduced the Spartox S series ozone water treatment system.

The S series system has been designed to offer a streamlined lower cost option for water treatment while maintaining all of the important features of the original Spartox ozone water treatment system, providing ozonation of water for disinfection and removal of impurities.

Spartox S system can be used for treating water in a variety of applications, including bottled water plants, rain water harvesting systems, pharmaceutical plant water loops, food processing plant, cooling water systems, small drinking water systems or anywhere that water needs to be purified.

The fully factory tested Spartox S comes with a computer control system with touch screen interface that automatically operates the system and provides continuous information on the system’s status to the operator or DCS/SCADA.

Spartan Environmental Technologies marketing director Anthony Sacco said that the Spartox S ozone water treatment system allows clients to maintain high water quality standards with a low cost automated system.