SeriousEnergy Manager, a web-based platform that requires no software to install or maintain for operation, integrates with building systems to continuously monitor energy usage and drive energy efficiency improvements for individual building or entire portfolio of commercial buildings.

The system leverages proprietary algorithms to enable SeriousInsight advanced analytics to integrate occupancy analysis, historical and external data, providing the users with real-time insight into energy usage and establishing baselines, trends, and forecasting of energy consumption.

SeriousEnergy Manager, which has resulted from the company’s earlier acquisition of Valence Energy, is claimed to provide continuous service to identify opportunities and result in subsequent energy-savings of 10 to 15%, facilitating total system payback in one to two years.

Serious Materials CEO Kevin Surace said that Serious Materials’ offerings to date allow its customers to construct and retrofit buildings to save energy and save money.

“With 5 million commercial buildings in the US alone, there is a huge opportunity to save money today and our customers need the ability to manage, analyze, and maintain real energy-savings on an ongoing basis,” Surace said.