The product will be launched at PV Expo in Japan and upcoming exhibitions, including Ecobuild UK in the coming week.

With an innovative design compared to mainstream 60-cell modules, the Eclipse series, high efficiency solar modules employ innovative module design, and a unique production method.

The Eclipse Mono (size is similar to a normal 60-cell module) achieves 19.1% solar energy conversion efficiency.

The Eclipse Poly (size is similar to a normal 60-cell module) achieves 17.1% solar energy conversion efficiency.

The Eclipse utilizes innovative technology to optimize the busbar and module design.

With the overall busbar-free design, the active working area of the module is enlarged, so as to convert more electricity from sunlight to the maximum extent possible.

The Eclipse’s generates 50% calorific effect compared to traditional modules, which largely reduces hot spot effects and guarantees continuous electricity generation.

Tests show that the Eclipse generates 15% more output than conventional modules.

For same size power installations, the Eclipse will save 8% floor space, less labor and BOS cost, and ultimately provide more income to customers.

Seraphim, general manager Polaris Li is very confident in Eclipse said: "This new technology and design work together to increase overall power output. Using normal cells, the Eclipse increases the conversion rate by 0.5%-4%."

Seraphim, global xxecutive general manager Justin Xi said: "When we began work on the on this new solar module, we considered every element that defines a perfect solar module – performance, reliability, heat resistance, PID, price and so on."

"We then challenged ourselves to find the best, the most forward-looking way possible.

"Eclipse is radically different from anything before it. As the slogan says – What you want, is all Behind the Eclipse."