Seiko Instruments (SII) has introduced the S-5855A Series, a PWM (pulse width modulation) output temperature sensor IC for LED lightning .

SII’s S-5855A begins to decrease the duty ratio of PWM signal output when the temperature exceeds the specified value, and this change in the duty ratio enables LED lighting circuits to avoid temperatures increasing above design limits, improving safety and efficiency while reducing total design cost.

S-5855A is optimized for use in LED lighting systems for PC laptops, tablets and other devices. It can also be used with any system requiring temperature control.

The S-5855A maintains 100% luminescence up to the specified temperature, and once the specified temperature is exceeded, the S-5855A decreases the PWM output duty ratio gradually along with an increasing temperature, which enables the LED luminance to diminish gradually.

The S-5855A is connected to the DIM pin of an LED driver IC to control the LED luminance, enhancing safety protection and boosting efficiency.