Airtricity already has eight wind farms in Scotland with 270 MW capacity. The project with Fluor, is part of Airtricity’s future projects that will generate a further 1,700 MW for the country.

Aquamarine Power and Fugro Seacore Ltd were awarded the contract to build a wave-energy generator off the coast of Orkney, Scotland. The Aquamarine Power’s Oyster array will be built 550 yards offshore and between 26 and 52 feet deep. The wave generator will provide 300 MW to 600 MW of energy to the national grid.

Oyster is a hydro-electric generator. As each wave comes in, it forces high pressure water through an underwater pipe back to shore where an on shore hydro-electric generator turns it into electricity. The Oyster will be used in multi-megawatt arrays feeding into one on shore generator. These mechanisms have a relatively small footprint and contain no toxic substances.