The panels are mounted on a supporting structure with the aid of ballast, so that no roof fixings are required.

The roof system installation is one of a series of successful projects undertaken by Scheuten Solar in Belgium in recent years. In the words of Ad Verbaas, director project realization: “Completion time for the roof system installation, involving nearly 4,000 solar modules, is only three months and the system will be operationally linked to the grid before the end of the year. The cooperation arrangement with JUMA BETON is yet further proof that Scheuten Solar is the

right partner in Belgium.”

“Together with the heat pump, the light detectors for the lighting system, the sewage water recovery unit and the frequency-controlled overhead cranes, the solar panel installation is wholly consistent with our strategy aimed at making us an environmentally friendly business operation. During our very intensive pre-project trials, various alternatives were evaluated in detail before we finally settled on Scheuten Solar because of the combination of cost, method of installation and the availability of top technology production facilities which it offers“, stated Guy Strobbe, JUMA BETON plant manager.